Taking it to the Extreme – Part Three

Learn the Basics

Show Your Loyalty

There are hundreds of loyalty cards and signing up to the ones for the stores you visit at least once a month is worth it as some send coupons out of the blue.

Some of the best loyalty cards for perks and coupons are….


 Tesco Clubcard.

Tesco sends you vouchers from time to time and Clubcard statements 4 times a year. Tesco’s system tracks what you purchase to send you coupons to suit your shopping needs.

Keep a watch out for the x 4 deals Clubcard Boost. A few years ago I cashed in my Clubcard points for a mini break to Butlin’s. We stayed in a basic chalet but opted for the restaurant/eating deal. One adult paying one kid ate free. The entire weekend for myself and my daughter only cost me £75.

Register for a Tesco Clubcard here. 

Sainsbury’s Nectar.

Money earned from the card can be exchanged for rewards and also money off weekly shopping. Check out double point’s week a few weeks before Christmas every year. You can only cash in £10 per department making your points double. £10 nectar points = £20 Sainsbury voucher. Christmas just gone. I bought 4 pairs of pj’s as presents using the £20 voucher cost me £6 real cash. There was also a nice black microwave in the sale.  £80 reduced to £40. £10 nectar points = £20 Sainsbury voucher cost me £20 real cash.

They also allow seasonal gifts in the deal so I bought a few Dove and Lynx sets and saved myself over £20 too. The way I see the loyalty points is they aren’t yours really. You haven’t had to spend any extra to get them, save them and stockpile them for specials. Keep a watch for in-store announcements, they don’t make this public until the day.

Register for a Nectar card here.

Boots Advantage.

You get its magazine for free each month by using your card. There have been some freebies in the magazine before, always worth a look. Use the instore Clubcard machine to print out any vouchers applicable to you. This is great for Christmas. ALWAYS check the point’s machine for all vouchers you can use before you start your shopping. Sometimes there is a queue but it’s worth the wait.

Register for a Boots Advantage card here.


Morrisons More.

This is probably the one I use the most as it is my nearest supermarket, BUT I am hearing more and more people say it is getting more expensive and a like for like shop in Asda or Tesco is coming in cheaper. I am going to have to do some investigating. The one thing I do like about the More card is that you automatically get your money-off vouchers at the till in stores or petrol stations once you’ve accumulated 5,000 points = £5. Vouchers are valid until the date printed on them (56 weeks from the date you reached 5,000 points), so you can hold onto them. I stack these as you can use them in multiples.

Recently I got 5,000 points for buying something (can’t remember what). Then I got another 5,000 points for spending over £90 and then over the course of a few months bumped up my points. I was given 4 x £5 off my next shop. Fills me with joy when my normal weekly shop of £90 is dropped to £70 for doing absolutely nothing except not lose my vouchers lol.

Register for a Morrisons More card here.


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