Taking it to the Extreme – Part Six

Learn the Basics 


Stacking is a clever way of combining offers (such as coupons and in-store promotions) in one transaction to really slash the price. It’s important to state that not all shops allow multiple coupon stacking, but the general key to this is to use a manufacturer’s coupon alongside an in-store offer or coupon.

Combining coupons with store sales.

If you have a manufacturers coupon check out an in-store promotion for the same product.  Example £1.50 off Fairy Dishwasher Tablets. Check out the big supermarkets to see if any of them have a deal on Fairy Dishwasher Tablets instore. You then get the shop discount AND the manufacturers discount on top. Of the 4 biggest Supermarket they will discount one specific item on average every 2 weeks. Most vouchers have a month expiry date. Hold out for a deal….. If you can.

Double whammy, coupons with cash back. Use your cashback app and combine with a coupon. (Providing that they are for the same product). You earn your full price % cash back AND a discount with the coupon.

Triple Jump, coupons with cashback AND in-store promotion. The Jedi master of Extreme Couponing. An in-store promotion PLUS a money off voucher PLUS a cashback. The holy grail to any bargain hunter.

Get the Magnify Glass.

All coupons and vouchers will have terms and conditions. It’s important to know what these are on each voucher. To avoid confusion and embarrassment at the til when a sour-faced cashier refuses to accept make sure you know what the T and C mean.

One coupon per product purchased.  You can use as many coupons as you have for multiple purchases. 6 coupons for 25p off Toilet Duck means 6 bottles of Toilet Duck purchased and not £1.50 off one bottle.

One coupon per transaction. You can only use one coupon on each receipt for a specific item. 1 bottle of Toilet Duck only allowed. Cheats tip. Separate the shopping and pay for each individual item on its own. You may be there a while, but the savings add up.

One coupon per customer. Does what it says on the tin. Only one allowed full stop. This is a clever marketing trick to get more people into the store. Clever trick. Only make one purchase. Then leave the shop. Re-enter the shop. Buy the same deal from a different checkout.


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