Taking it to the Extreme – Part Seven

Learn the Basics

Only buy what you need

The whole reason stores and manufacturers distribute coupons is to get people into their stores and boost sales figures. The best way you can boost your own sales figures is only buy what you need. Don’t be swayed by a discounted deal of a lifetime if you are never going to use the product. Don’t be blinded by the shiny money off deals if you are going to be spending more money than saving.

The professional couponer ignores the mega deals and goes for the penny off everyday deals. You will find the better the money off discount the higher the product is in the first place. What’s the better saving in the long run? £20 off a £40 inflatable drinks cooler that you will only use twice a year or 50p off a £2 tube of toothpaste, bought in multiples, saving 50p every new tube you open.

Pushing It

Want more?  Try pushing your couponing to the max. Go on the hunt.


Some products in the supermarket have on-pack promotions that give you coupons. This can be in the form of stickers or inside-the-box codes. Make sure you want the product first before you purchase. Don’t just buy for the voucher if you are going to be out of pocket.

Big events such as the Ideal Home show are a great place for coupons. A lot of brands come to these events just to give out free samples and coupons. Remember this attracts new customers so they will give away armfuls of vouchers and freebies.

Down A Gear

Just because you have a voucher for money off an item if it’s something you would not normally buy it’s not a discount. Example, you normally buy a 40p bar of chocolate but you have a 20p off the luxury bar priced at £1. You are not saving yourself any money if you buy this, in fact, you have spent twice the normal. This is called upshifting. You have shifted your personal shopping up a level to take advantage of a deal. It’s not a deal. You have spent 40p more for the same sized bar of chocolate.

Why not try to downshift. Drop a brand level that you normally buy and see if you can tell the difference. It hasn’t cost you anymore BUT you may find that by downshifting you may choose to continue to purchase the cheaper item, saving you pennies on every shop.

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