Taking it to the Extreme – Part Eight

Learn the Basics 

Crack the Code.

With a knowing eye, you can read a coupon’s barcode before you get to the checkout to see how much it’s will scan for. You can do this with any coupon. When a coupon has no stated value this is a clever trick. 50p or £1 off, like the pizza coupon below in the picture.

If you look at the last four digits but ignore the last one those three numbers tell you how much the coupon will scan for. In this case, it says 2996 ignore the 6 now says 299 which means it will scan through at £2.99. If it said 0509, it would scan at the checkout at 50p. Always ignore the last number. Don’t make the mistake I once made, last 4 digits were 1999. I thought my barcode showed £9.99 when in fact it was only £1.99.

Some coupon barcodes read 0000. Don’t panic this just means the cashier will have to input the value manually. It’s wise to remember this trick only works for barcodes on supermarket coupons and printable coupons for high street stores and not items on shelves.

Taking advantage.

Once you know the secret value of a coupon you can start looking for the item on sale for less than what it’s going to scan for at the checkout.


Overage is the ultimate Holy Grail for couponers. You can actually get money back on the cost of your shopping if the value of the coupon is higher than the original product. If you have a coupon worth £1 and the item only costs 60p what £ is left over is called the overage. You will not get this back as cash in your hand. It will come off the entire cost of your shop.

Take a Raincheck

If you ever find that the item is out of stock, ask for a raincheck voucher.  This can either be in the form of a store credit note or a discount on the same item but a different brand. Most of the time it is the store manager’s discretion, but don’t be afraid to give it a go. Supermarkets want you back so they are not going to turn away a return customer.

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