Taking it to the Extreme and finally

Learn the Basics

and finally.

Mind your manners. Be nice and it’s more likely shop staff will help you out.  It is important to know your rights but a screaming banshee will only put peoples backs up.

A Friendly face. If you find a nice cashier build up a rapport. Let them know you have a mountain of vouchers. It’ll make life easier. Try to find the same one next time as well.

Preparation. Tell the person on the till that you have coupons before she starts to scan. It’s always nice to let them get prepared to input your vouchers.

Munch Bunch. When you place items on the belt bunch identical items together and try to put them in order of your coupons. This will make it easier for the cashier.

This may take some time. Let the people behind you know you have coupons and this may take longer than normal. They may choose to move to another checkout, but by giving them warning you are not going to suffer the raised eyebrows and tutting that could happen.

Unexpected Item in Bagging Area. Self-service tills are the bane of most shopper’s lives. It’s often just easier to let the self-service system add the coupons. Don’t try and sneak an invalid voucher through. The till will call for a staff member and if it’s obvious your 50p off Lenor does not cover anything you have self-scanned you could possibly be prosecuted for committing fraud.

You all seen the yellow “opps/quick sale” stickers shops put on their perishable later in the day?

Look what I have found from my friends at MoneySupermarket.com.

The table below shows how much and when the BIG supermarkets start reducing.


I have watched people get into physical fights and follow the poor lad round the shop waiting to pounce once he has yellow stickered an item. Sharpen up ya elbow girls, it’s about to get nasty!

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