Finished another book over the weekend.

readers-longe-book-review-The Firebird by Susanna KearsleyThis time I went with Fantasy instead of romance. I have a romance one I am working on now and then I have another book by Susanna Kearsley.  I will read after that. This weekend was The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley. And if the fact I am already ready to read another one by her is any indication then you know I give this book a double thumbs up!

The Firebird was a nice combination of past and present all rolled into one. Truth be told it was the past I was loving. Every time they would go back in history I was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to come next in the Anna Adventure! Now here I am giving too much away without even explaining what the book is about.

The Firebird is about 2 very special people whose journeys are so much different, yet so similar. When Nicola Matter was born she possessed the very special gift of “site”.  She touched an object she can see the history of that object. When a desperate woman brings in a small wood carving called “The Firebird” claiming it comes from Russia’s Empress Catherine there is no proof, except for Nicola. When Nicola held the wooden figure she had a flash of the Empress giving the Firebird to the woman’s past relative, Anna. Thus begins Nicola’s journey back through time to find a way to prove the origin of “The Firebird”. The journey forces Nicola to embrace the gift she has hidden away for so long. And unbury the feelings she had run away from.

Must read score 5/5.

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