The Girl On The Train Movie Review

The Girl On The Train

Starring Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, and Luke Evans

Rating 6.5/10

My Rating 7/10

The Girl On The Train is based off the book written by Paula Hawkins. I had given the book a score of 3.5/5.  Equally I scored the movie 7/10. I found the book to be one of the closest to book adaptations I have ever seen. The only drastic difference from the book to the movie is the location. The movie managed to capture the feelings, the thoughts, the ideas that the book put out there. The same twists around every corner, the same story line. There was one part in the book about a relationship that happened that was not in the movie. Also the house one incident happened was different that the house it happened at in the book. Neither of these changed the storyline at all however. I really feel it was very close to how the book read, even the understanding of how the characters looked was well matched, other than I pictured Rachel as being bigger in the book.

For those that have never read the book or watched the movie it follows the story of three woman and how their lives become entangled in one. After Rachel witnesses something outside the train window she becomes wrapped up in a mystery with her ex, his new wife, and their neighbours in a thrilling mystery with an end no one expects.

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