The Psychology of Nail Polish

No really this exists, I ain’t kidding.

Quick — which colour do you notice first?

That colour says everything about your personality!

Below are the 8 most popular colours chosen in UK nail bars. What one are you?


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Black nail polish isn’t just for teens going through a goth/emo phase, it’s actually the colour a lot of creative people wear! Dark shades like black mean you have an artistic side, a creative flair whether you’re a painter, poet, chef, or sculptor. Even if you don’t think you’re particularly artistic, if you’re drawn to black nail polish it may mean you have a very creative and lateral mind!


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Although you have a lot of energy, you’re also down-to-earth. You are always ready to be a shoulder to cry on and bring a smile to people’s faces and you’re always ready to go on an adventure. Neon green nail polish means you’re energetic and excited. Like other neon colours, lime green is very bright and bold but because green also is known to be a calm colour, it’s less in-your-face than a neon pink or neon orange.


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People who are drawn to lilac nail polish are often calm, poised, and relaxed. They are strong and stoic and others know they can trust you and turn to you with any problems. Lilac-wearers are never judgmental and are usually very open-minded. People who wear lilac may not be the centre of attention, but they are dependable and loving.


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People who wear orange nail polish are daring and impulsive. They are leaders of the group, keeping up spirits and telling jokes. If you’re drawn to orange nail polish, you probably like being the centre of attention. You’re never brought down by what other people think of you, you are you like it or lump it.


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Maroon or burgundy nail polish is sophisticated and sexy. A strong sexy character. Others come to you for advice and when they need an honest and candid opinion. You are self-confident and know what you want. This can be seen as very sexy by the opposite sex.


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White nail polish is youthful and light, you have a young spirit and keep others around you from getting too caught up in the serious aspects of life. If you go for light nail polish, you’re probably a trend-setter with a love for fashion.


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Light pink nail polish is one of the classics, it means you’re bubbly, warm, and kind. But you are are also ambitious and career-oriented.


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Fiery red is the nail polish colour choice for a lot of people with dominant and assertive personalities. You have natural leadership skills. Bright red nail polish wearers have a lot of friends and people are drawn towards you.

Which Colour Do You Love?

Today I am wearing a pearled coral. So I should feel daring and impulsive. Not too far from the truth I suppose BUT I only picked it because I have run out of my usual gold/bronze colour. I don’t know what a gold/bronze wearers personality traits are. Maybe gold/bronze wearers are forgetful and can’t be arsed because I know I forgot to go get a new polish at weekend and to be honest I can’t be bothered to go get one this week. Sod it.

Which colour do you usually wear? Does it match your personality? Let me know in the comments below!

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