The Shark Club Book Review

The Shark Club

By, Ann Kidd Taylor

Goodreads Rating 3.75/5

My Rating 4.25/5

Summary: 18 years have passed since Maeve Donnelly kissed the love of her life and got bit by a shark all in the same day. Now she spends her life traveling the world as a marine biologist studying of all things, sharks. While she might be brave in the water she wears a shield on her heart after the love of her life, Daniel, broke his heart. When Maeve returns home her whole world is turned upside down with the reappearance of Daniel as well as an illegal shark finning operation happening right on her front doorstep. Maeve finds herself fishing for shark hunters and fishing for comfort from a past that haunts her.

I started this book just 2 days ago and had it finished last night. Was a very easy read. I found myself being a part of the story. The smell of the salt water, the sounds of a child’s laughter, the pain of a broken heart. ¬†You will never guest the mystery and twists that Maeve encounters along the way. This is one of those books that you find yourself saying “I did NOT see that coming”! Any book that I can’t figuring out the ending before it happens is a good book in my eyes!

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