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EastEnders Weekly Update

Michelle has her first day tutoring Hunter but things get off to a bad start as she walks in on a half-dressed Louise and Hunter! Louise is terrified that she’ll get in trouble and she and Hunter beg Michelle to keep what she saw to herself. Realising that tutoring Hunter is not going to work out for her, Michelle tells Mel she’s going to quit. She is horrified when a livid Mel later confronts her and accuses her of trying to kiss Hunter! Michelle is deeply upset by Hunter’s lie. Her past comes back to bite her when Sharon clearly has doubts over her innocence. Vincent is so desperate for money that he meets up with DI Franklin and tells him he has information for him about the heist. Vincent reveals that Aidan was the ringleader and Phil was also involved. Although Vincent has an audio recording to prove their guilt, Franklin tells Vincent that he needs more. Vincent is unsure but when Franklin offers him an envelope of cash as a down payment he is tempted…Masood is horrified to discover that his ice cream van has been vandalised. But it does give him a business idea… Masood comes up with a plan to bring street food to Walford but he needs a cash investment. Realising Mo could help, he asks her if she could set up a crowd-funding page for his new business. But is asking Mo really a good idea?! Also, Woody and Billy clash at E20 – then Billy finds out Woody is his and Donna’s new housemate!


Coronation Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

Carla Connor asks Ali about steroid abuse and when he realises she is talking about Robert he agrees to help. Meanwhile, Michelle plans a family dinner and invites Ali, Aidan, Carla, Roy, Jenny and Johnny.Later, Ali quizzes Robert about his gym routine and warns him not to overdo it. Kate hears Robert talking on the phone to a mate in Cumbria who wants to sell a dishwasher. Having despatched Zeedan off to get it, Kate calls round at Rana’s so they can spend some time alone. Heading over to No.6 Alya meets Rana’s parents and lets them in to the house. What will they find? Simon continues to manipulate Toyah as she’s forced to tell Peter she misplaced the £20 and Simon didn’t steal it after all. Liz is worried about Eileen who is still very depressed and not really leaving the house. Daniel tells Sinead he has tracked Flora, Vinny’s mum, down.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

The day Gabby and Liv have been dreading arrives. They’re in court following the debacle which saw Lisa Dingle hospitalised after being spiked with ketamine. The whole thing was Gabby’s idea and was meant to be a joke played on her mum’s boyfriend Daz. Gabby stole the drug from Vanessa’s vet bag – but it was roped-in Liv who put it in the drink. As the case is heard, Liv’s solicitor makes a right hash of defending her. Gabby apologises but Liv is too upset to even speak… What will the judge decide? Ross struggles on with his painkiller addiction, painfully observed by Rhona. She’s feeling terrible for not telling her boyfriend Pete that his brother is in way over his head with the meds but a promise is a promise.


Hollyoaks Weekly Update

It’s Luke’s birthday party but his plotting ex-wife, Scarlett, is determined to wreak havoc. She arrives at his special birthday bash brandishing a huge present that leaves Mandy simmering. Unable to hold back, a furious Mandy lashes out and the celebrations are soon plunged into utter chaos. Later on a bitter Scarlett tries to convince her son Ollie that the best thing would be for her and Luke to get back together. Ollie takes her words to heart and comes up with a  plan to split Luke and Mandy up for good! What has he got up his sleeve? Elsewhere, Leela has spent another night searching for missing Peri but it starting to lose all hope of ever finding her daughter. However, just as she’s at her wits end, she meets a bedraggled young girl called Harley who says she is Peri’s friend. Can Harley lead her to Peri? Plus Damon is furious with Brody after discovering he’s planning to jet off to New York and Theo continues to linger around the village and piles the pressure on Milo to cough up a large sum of cash. What will a desperate Milo do?

Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Tori feels a combination of shock and happiness when she finds out that Robbo has been released on bail after Professor Pickford’s report made it clear that Robbo’s mental health would severely suffer, if he was to remain in prison. The community is disgusted by the idea of Robbo’s release and Ash attacks Robbo in broad daylight when he sees him in The Diner.Robbo is struggling to come to terms with everything that is taken place and with Summer Bay continuing to make life hard for him, Colby calls a community meeting to explain why Robbo has been released. Will Summer Bay give Robbo a chance? Also, will Ash listen to Tori and her reasons for helping Robbo?Also, Roo is struggling to track down her mother, Martha, using the internet. Later, Colby gives Roo all the information he has on Martha’s disappearance. Will Colby’s findings help Roo in her search? Also, how will Alf take the news that Roo is actively searching for her mother?


Neighbours Weekly Update

Piper is desperate to find her mystery underliner, so she takes Xanthe’s advice and decides to leave a note at the book exchange. As she’s about to leave, Piper sees a guy dropping off a book and after flicking through she sees that the pages are underlined. Piper decides to follow her mystery underliner and, as the pair gets talking, she finds out he’s called Lockie. Piper is keen to discuss their interests of books and arranges to meet him later, will this be a decision Piper soon regrets? Meanwhile, Paul interrupts Terese’s proposal to Gary. Gary is elated and says yes, but he’s shocked to hear that Paul helped Terese pull off the special moment! When Gary and Terese’s families hear the news that they are engaged, everyone is over the moon. However, Xanthe pulls her father to the side and says it was only a few days ago that he had trust issues with Terese. Gary reassures his daughter that things are back on track and he has complete faith in his relationship. However, Gary’s faith in Terese wavers after a conversation with Paul…

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