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Eastenders Weekly Update

Businesswoman Fi Browning (Lisa Faulkner) arrives in the Square. She soon gets on the wrong side of one of the Walford families, but why is she there?

Tina snaps at Woody after a problem with the jukebox. Realising that Tina is on edge, Woody encourages her to open up about her mum. Tina is grateful when Woody has a heart-to-heart with her over their losses. Tina gives Woody some advice on how to settle in to The Vic.

Donna thinks Abi should move into the share house with her, Ben and Jay. When Ben and Jay refuse, Donna’s forced to break the news to Abi. Determined to make it happen, Donna and Abi come up with an idea to change the boys’ minds. When Abi gets back to Dot’s, however, she starts to have second thoughts about her decision.

Honey is getting increasingly frustrated with Derek as he fails to understand even simple tasks. But when Keegan turns up at the Minute Mart and tries to steal from it, will Derek step up to the plate?


Coronation Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

With Bethany in earshot, Nathan fakes a call to his bank, feigning financial problems. Mel lies to Bethany, telling her the bank is threatening to close down the salon. Alone in the flat Bethany’s startled when a guy calls to collect Nathan’s camera equipment. When he returns to find the equipment gone he tears into Bethany. As she sobs Nathan apologises for his rant, explaining the equipment belongs to Neil. Nathan says Neil has a soft spot for Bethany, maybe if she meets him for a drink it will go some way to making amends. Will Bethany agree?

Rosie finds Leah skulking outside No.4. Leah makes out she wanted to check Sally hadn’t had any more messages from her step-mum. Uneasy Rosie tells Sophie.

Todd’s unnerved when Drew questions him on his and Billy’s plans for the future


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Unhappy about what’s going on between him and his wife Victoria, Adam’s moping about the place. He ends up at Vanessa’s where he offloads his woes on his friend and former fling. But as the drinks flow, he winds up making a move on the single vet! Will it go further than an attempt at a kiss?


Hollyoaks Weekly Update

Tony’s concerned when he learns that Harry’s failing uni and asks Ste to let Harry go. Ste has to be cruel to be kind when Harry comes to visit, but Harry’s left confused by one of Ste’s memories from the night Amy died… Could he be wrong about killing her?

As Darren keeps his money worries from Nancy, Kyle asks Nancy to look after some marijuana for him. Will she agree?

Adam and Maxine are planning a romantic day together when Darcy turns up, asking Adam to look after Toby. Can Maxine get the upper hand?

Also, Joel sends Sienna into panic mode?

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Brody is under a tremendous amount of stress with his upcoming student night. Salt has been struggling financially, so he’s hoping the student night will bring in some extra cash. Brody asks Mason to spread the word at university, so he starts with Lena.

Later, Lena arrives with some friends much to Mason’s delight. Things between the pair are getting heated until Lena makes a comment about her drug use. Will Brody get a much-needed cash boost from his student night – or will the event be shut down early thanks to Lena?

Also, John and Marilyn are being treated like lepers by the Summer Bay community, and when the couple go for a walk they endure a multitude of abuse. John is struggling to come to terms with his actions and makes a life-changing decision…

Neighbours Weekly Update

Terese’s plan to rebrand Lassiter’s Day Spa is threatened by the prospect of a bad review. Sheila comes to her aid and offers a solution. Will Terese take Sheila’s advice? Or will she do things her way and risk the reputation of the Lassiter’s Day Spa even further?

Meanwhile, David is confused by Aaron’s behavior towards him. Is there something he’s missing? David needs to find out…

Also, Susan catches a glimpse of Finn’s true ambition and reels. How far will he go to get what he wants?

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