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EastEnders Weekly Update

Denise realises that she has been left with no choice but to go to the food bank. With all pride destroyed she heads over there. When she arrives, however, she finds Cora Cross working there! Too embarrassed to face someone she knows, Denise leaves without taking anything.

Whitney is feeling troubled over Lee’s divorce application. Trying to distract herself, she heads out shopping, but ends up forgetting her purse. Realising what she’s done, Woody finds the purse and takes it to her. In the shopping centre, Woody finds Whitney, but he gets a shock over what he sees…

Also, Ian works hard to lose weight, but will his extra effort pay off?

Coronation Street

Coronation Street Weekly Update

As the Battersbys and Platts gather in the bistro for Oliver’s naming ceremony Nick is nowhere to be seen. David finds him wallowing in self-pity and urges his brother to be grateful for what he’s got. Meanwhile Liz learns that her grandson’s naming ceremony is taking place and she hasn’t been invited. Dragging a reluctant Steve to the bistro, Liz tears a strip off Leanne. Will the naming ceremony go ahead?

Adam confides in Rosie that he reckons it was Daniel who pushed Ken.

When Nathan suggests they throw another party for his friends, Bethany masks her dismay. When Bethany then receives a text from Sarah inviting her to a wedding fair, she suggests they could postpone the party. Will Nathan agree?

Kate’s concerned when Johnny declines her invitation for lunch. Mary returns from the Lakes with an injured Norris who’s expecting Mary to look after him. Faye tells Anna she’s going to stay with Izzy.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

When Victoria finds out Zak is in money trouble, she asks him if he could help out in her food van at an upcoming food market. Zak accepts, but will he make a good employee?

Marlon gives Carly and Matt the space they need to talk about their issues. But the chef is secretly worried when he notices there’s clearly something still there between the ex’s.

Fed up with being bullied by Josh and Jamie, Jacob trashes their bikes. But it’s Dan who steps up to take the blame.


Hollyoaks Weekly Update

Lisa’s agreed to help her mum play Cupid for Zack and Cleo, so when a jealous Leela sees Zack and Cleo together, she drags Zack into the toilets at The Bean, where the press launch for the local councillor elections is being held. When her speech goes wrong at the launch, a humiliated Cindy runs to the toilets and hears Zack and Leela getting amorous in one of the cubicles.

Feeling mischievous, Cindy plants her microphone in Leela’s coat pocket, so they can be heard by everyone at the venue. With Simone in the middle of her speech, Cindy feels victorious when Zack and Leela emerge from the toilets to a shocked audience… and an embarrassed Simone!

Meanwhile, with Ellie wanting Mac to get his second opinion ASAP, Marnie puts on the waterworks when she tells the family that Mac’s already had a second opinion – he must have forgotten. Later, Mac’s health takes a turn for the worse…

Also, Warren asks Cleo to help Joel take his mind off ‘whatever’ is getting him down. When Cleo later catches up with Joel, however, will he be pleased to see her?

Home and Away

Home and Away Weekly Update

VJ confronts Zac about cheating on Leah and is furious when his stepfather finally admits he’s been unfaithful. Hunter returns home and is left disgusted when he too finds out that Zac has been unfaithful. Hunter listens to both VJ and Zac and feels caught in the middle. Will he have to choose between his best friend and his father?

Meanwhile, Roo’s like a love sick puppy as she has a new man! When Irene sees that she keeps receiving text messages from someone called James, she assumes its Roo’s cheating ex. Roo tries to convince Irene it’s a completely new James, but Irene doesn’t believe her. Later, Roo sneaks off to meet her new boyfriend – who is half her age!

Also, with Marilyn concerned about John’s upcoming trial, John is struggling to face up to the consequences of his actions. The couple can’t afford a top lawyer, so they settle for a legal aid defence lawyer called Lachlan Piers. Will Lachlan be able to keep John out of prison?



Neighbours Weekly Update

Elly’s petrified when Susan informs her that there will be a thorough investigation into her teaching history. With Elly unable to change Susan’s mind about the enquiry into her teaching career, what exactly will Susan find?

Meanwhile, Sonya is left in a state of shock when Toadie tells her that he wants full custody of Nell until she’s sober again. Sonya insists she would never do anything to hurt Nell – but can she prove that to Toadie?

And, suspicious of Gary’s secretive and aloof behaviour, Terese assumes the worst – but is she just over-reacting?

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