Soapy Bubbles Week 23rd May

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EastEnders Weekly Update

Lauren is still feeling suffocated by Steven’s demands on her attention. At work, she gets a boost when Josh invites her to an important client event. Steven is put out when Lauren cancels their plans that evening to attend the event. There’s an awkward moment for Lauren when she walks in on Josh getting changed.

Mick is furious with what Shirley’s done over the freehold of the pub. When his attempts to find a loophole in the lease don’t bear fruit, he has a frustrating conversation with Linda and then takes his anger out on Whitney. Finding out that Max had a hand in the pub sale, Mick storms off to find him…

Dot ushers in Charlie and Jack to talk about Matthew. Can the two men come to an arrangement?

Also, Michelle struggles to stay on the right side of her boss in her first day on the new job.


Coronation Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

Sinead reveals to Daniel how Ken talked her into having an abortion. The police then question Daniel about his movements on the night of Ken’s attack, as they’ve found discrepancies in his alibi. Ken calls at the flat and apologises to Sinead, but is horrified to recognise a pair of trainers. Ken tells Roy that he remembers seeing the trainers when he was pushed, meaning the owner must be his attacker. Who do the shoes belong to?

Gina confesses to Sally that she was her internet troll. In tears Gina blames her medication and assures Sally she has no knowledge of the terrible things she’s done. Tim’s furious and goes to confront Gina, but when he arrives at No. 4 it appears all may not be as it seems?

Toyah’s thrilled when Peter reveals the money has come through from the shop and they can buy the Rovers.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Rebecca admits to stressed-out married man Robert that she hasn’t had a termination – will she keep their baby?

Moira is rattled when the farm is ransacked again. Confronting Ross, who recently stole cows from Butler’s – the farmer is worried when he denies being involved. Will Moira call the police?

Elsewhere, can Debbie and Charity pull off a successful scam?



Hollyoaks Weekly Update

Hunter begs Neeta not to tell anyone that he tried to kiss her – but he fears it’s too late when he sees Neeta talking to worried Sally. Later, Neeta makes a wrong move when she agrees to keep Hunter’s advances just between them.

Also, Joel makes a pact with God, but it doesn’t seem the Big Man is listening…





Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Brody drives recklessly to avoid the police, but he scares Raffy in the process and she begs him to pull over. Brody finally pulls the van over and Kat grills him for his dangerous driving. Next, she asks him to take a breathalyser test, but Brody tests negative for any alcohol.

Still concerned, Kat decides to take Brody to the station to test for drugs. Brody panics and, when Kat isn’t looking, he stuffs his packet of cocaine into Raffy’s schoolbag. Will Raffy be arrested for drug possession instead?

Meanwhile, Phoebe has been offered a great opportunity to go on a week-long tour supporting her friend Donna. Will Phoebe take the opportunity, or will she turn it down to support Justin and his family crisis concerning Brody?

Finally, Leah returns to Summer Bay. But will she be able to forgive Zac?


Neighbours Weekly Update

Sonya chooses to engage in a risky activity against her better judgement and, with no-one around to look out for her, it seems she’s in for one wild night…

At the Sharma-Rebecchi house, Mishti and Shane are having a private conversation in the kitchen. Toadie overhears the two and is baffled… what could the pair possibly be discussing?

Also, Tyler is still obsessing about finding out who caused the incident at the Backpackers. He launches an investigation behind Mark’s back wanting to find the truth – but will he find trouble instead?

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