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EastEnders Weekly Update

Kim is happy to see Patrick, but when he confronts her with the shock details of Denise’s money worries, she is completely stunned! Patrick can’t believe that she didn’t have a clue what was going on with Denise and has a go at her for not being there for her sister. Determined to set things right, Kim visits Denise, but can Denise forgive her?

Stacey has a heart to heart with Jack about Matthew, trying to make him see the reality of the situation. Determined not to lose Matthew, Jack takes drastic action…

Abi’s 21st birthday is coming up and Jay and Donna talk about ideas for a celebration. Abi is later put out when she overhears Ben saying some harsh words about her.

Meanwhile, Joyce finds out Will is freaked about living above a funeral parlour and gives Honey and Billy some advice. Also, a paranoid Steven starts tracking Lauren.



Coronation Street Weekly Update

Nick’s devastated when Leanne dumps him. Leanne and Toyah head home leaving the men to sort out their differences. Telling Nick they’d all be better off without him, Peter and Steve also go. As Nick trudges along the beach, he suddenly finds himself sucked into the quicksand. Will his cries for help be heard?

As Ken faces up to his attacker he demands answers. Is he in more danger?

Reminding Shona she owes him big time, Nathan grabs her wrist, but Shona makes a run for it. Reaching a decision, Shona attempts to call the police, but her phone is knocked from her hand and two men throw her to the ground leaving her unconscious. Is Nathan behind this?

Liz advises Brian to try and make a go of things with Cathy. Johnny returns from his MRI scan and assures Kate that everything will be fine.



Emmerdale Weekly Update

Marlon’s anxiety about the closeness between  Carly and her ex, Matt, intensifies when he spots the pair together from afar. The unlucky-in-love chef is still planning to propose to his girlfriend, but starts to waver when he sees her locked in conversation with her ex.

Unbeknown to him Carly has agreed to help Matt with a money-making scheme particularly as she wants to raise some cash to treat Marlon to a special surprise she has in mind. When Marlon later quizzes her about what she and Matt were discussing she lies to cover her tracks. Will he leap to the wrong conclusion?

Elsewhere, Lawrence feels guilty and braces himself to visit his daughter, Rebecca, but is thrown when Chrissie breaks some unexpected news.



HollyOaks Weekly Update

When Shane sets up a living room gaming day for Prince’s return from hospital, Goldie fears she’ll never get rid of her ex. Goldie begs Shane to leave, but he’s determined to stay for his sons – that is until Goldie shows him the cash Ellie gave her and he agrees to go. Secretly, however, Shane asks Prince to leave with him. Will he agree?

Also, is the net closing in on Nick?

Home and Away

Home and Away

Home and Away Weekly Update

Kat finds Patrick meditating on the beach and he assures her that he’s working on his issues, but Kat isn’t sold. Once again, she tries to address Patrick’s problems with Ash, but he dismisses them. In fact, he tells Kat he wants them to move into Roo’s old flat, the Pier Apartment, so that they look like a settled couple to the custody mediator. Will Kat say yes?

Meanwhile, Justin’s still furious with Phoebe for accepting a year-long move to America without consulting him. Tori has a heart-to-heart with Justin in the hope she can convince him to go to the States with Phoebe. Later, Tori questions Justin on Brody’s drug use. Will Justin tell her the truth and has Brody given up his drug habit for good?

Finally, Ash, Irene, Leah and VJ sit down with a mediator to fight for custody of Luc and things turn ugly fast…



Neighbours Weekly Update

Piper and Susan worry when Paige doesn’t return to the car on time on their getaway trip to revisit the past. Susan heads out in search of her… what could possibly be keeping Paige?

Meanwhile, Toadie is wide eyed and optimistic about Sonya’s recovery. Steph advises him to not expect too much, too soon, but the next step Sonya takes surprises everyone!

Also, tensions rise between Paul and Leo when the partnership between the Robinsons and the Backpackers hits a financial bump. This is the greatest challenge the pair have faced, choosing between family and business…

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