Unexpected item in bagging area

How much do you hate self-checkouts?

I have stood and shouted at the automated voice telling me “there is an unexpected item in the bagging area, please wait for assistance”. Oh piss off, I haven’t even started yet. Give me a chance to cock it up at least.

Yes, I admit it, when it comes to asking have I used my own bags I say yes, every time. But is that stealing? I see it as compensation for trying to deal with a PMS induced robot telling me I am an idiot. Those 4 bags I have taken are my payback for the stress.

Australia is about to introduce a new style self-service till. I don’t think I would be able to deal with an over-friendly robotic “hi how are you”. I’m liable to shove the 5p carrier bags up its arse!

Australian self-service check-outs may soon offer ‘human conversation’ in a move to combat shoplifting in supermarkets. Researchers believe the machines may soon offer personal greetings and friendly comments such as ‘how are your day going?’ to guilt shoplifters out of stealing. The research, from the Queensland’s University of Technology, suggests people are less inclined to steal from human staff than machines. ‘We want to look at what happens when you make technology a little bit more human,’ researcher Paula Dootson said. She said the anonymity of the machines means the shoplifter never faced the victim of the crime. ‘Another one of the things we could do is moral reminders like a pop-up message such as ‘we donated to charity today, thanks for doing your bit’.

Sorry, but I would be more inclined to walk out with a full trolley load than have to deal with a smarmy sour-faced robot. I admit it I’m a thief!

Run for it!

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2 Comments on “Unexpected item in bagging area”

  1. I have not tried self-checkouts. Sometimes I do not think the world is ready for this. From your experience (and thank you for letting us know) I do not think I will be giving it a try anytime soon. I will save the anger and frustration for a human 😉

  2. I refuse to use self checkouts… every time you do you are putting some one out of a job to robots… Nope. some i have no choice such as gas stations,i do miss the days when the attendant would come out and wash my windows or check the air in my tires.

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