Veto Meeting Results SPOILER

Watching some bunnies while the Big Brother house guests “film something great for the show”. In other words IT’S TIME FOR THE VETO MEETING! There are major spoilers ahead so quit reading if you don’t want to know!

Wow what a shocking veto meeting this is going to be. To bring everyone up to speed Jason nominated Matthew and Raven. They believe they are just up as “pawns” and that the real target is Kevin. They fully expect Jason to use the veto right now and take Raven off the block and put up Kevin as a replacement nominee. The whole house besides them know that Jason’s plan is actually to get Matt out regardless. One thing the rest of the house can’t agree on is Jason keeping the noms the same. The house has been pushing to get Jason to take off Raven and put up Kevin. They have been telling Jason it’s to keep Matt and Raven from getting upset and losing a Jury vote. Let’s be real people no matter what Jason wouldn’t have either of them for a Jury vote if he takes out Matt so what difference does it make to him. He knows this and he also knows he is better off keeping Kevin off the block because if he puts him up that could be a Jury vote loss. So it is Jason’s intention to play his own game and keep the nominations the way they are.

The house isn’t liking this because what Jason doesn’t know (but very well might suspect) is the house wants Kevin to go up so they can secretly backdoor him so the blood is on Jason’s hands. Jason isn’t falling for it and is adamant he is keeping noms the same. 

Now we get to watch the kitties play for a bit while the “kiddies” in the house probably have a pretty eventful veto ceremony.

And we are back! Jason stuck with HIS plan and kept nominations the same.

Raven is super upset. Swearing, confronting Jason, crying. Christmas is being her normal backstabbing two timing self and all hugging Raven and trying to keep her on her side so next week they can turn on Jason and Alex. I have a feeling there is going to be a big fight tonight. I will update later if anything drastic happens.


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