Vue is slashing film screening prices to £4.99 but only at 22 cinemas.

A standard adult ticket can cost up to £16 at some London branches and that’s without the popcorn and drinks

THE EYE-WATERING cost of a cinema ticket has been putting off moviegoers from seeing films on the big screen but a new deal from Vue might help. The chain is slashing all its prices to just under fiver per showing with its new “Every Film Every Day Offer” as a consolation for film buffs.

It’s a pretty decent deal considering, a standard adult ticket can cost up to £16 at some London branches – and that’s without the popcorn and drinks. The offer arrives just in time for the eagerly awaited release of Fifty Shades Freed and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Sadly, as you’d expect from any great deal, it comes with a few catches. The £4.99 price tag will only apply to all 2D films, so you won’t be able to catch the latest Star Wars in 3D for a discount price.

More importantly, the offer is only valid at 22 cinemas across the UK. For now, the outlets currently taking part in the offer are:

  • Aberdeen,
  • Barrow,
  • Bury,
  • Cheshire Oaks,
  • Cleveleys,
  • Darlington,
  • Farnborough,
  • Gateshead,
  • Halifax,
  • Hamilton,
  • Hartlepool,
  • Hull,
  • Lancaster,
  • Livingston,
  • Manchester Lowry,
  • Manchester Printworks,
  • Norwich,
  • Merthyr,
  • Romford,
  • Southport,
  • Swansea,
  • Thanet
  • York.

If you don’t live close to these branches rival chains are running similar deals and loyalty schemes that might help you cut the costs. Both Cineworld and Odeon allow customers unlimited visits for a monthly fee of almost £18. It’s a fair price for loyal cinema-goers considering one standard ticket at Cineworld Picadilly can set you back by as much as £17.

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