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Exfoliating Foot Mask Papaya & Chamomile Extract

I have feet like hooves. No getting away from it. I do not have nice feet. Years of stilettos in my teenage years and then years of wearing nothing at all because the stupid teenage high heels gave me bunions and corns.

If I see a foot miracle device, a creamy lotion or harry potter spell I will buy it. I am a sucker for anything pedicure. I am embarrassed about my feet simple as that and no amount of sparkly gel polish will pretty up my trotters.

I fell for the new fad, the new on point trend. Baby Feet Booties. Plastic bag boots you pull on your feet and relax your corns away.

I say fell for it….I nearly did but at 18 quid a pop I would rather pull on a pair of socks and ignore them until I was browsing through Amazon the other night and found this.


Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Papaya & Chamomile Extract – “Sock type” Foot Exfoliating Mask – Perfectly Peel Away Calluses and Dead Skin Cells in Just 2 Weeks!!! – 1 Pair. £5.95 on Amazon Prime, worth a risk I thought. If its rubbish I ain’t sold my soul and kids dinner money.

So they came the day after.

Instructions read…….after you have gone through all the exotic and mystical other languages and find English right at the bottom in teeny tiny writing so small I had to dig out a pair of novelty glasses I bought when I dressed up as Where’s Wally last year. Simply says Cut across the dotted line on each boot. Wear for up to 90 minutes and rinse off. Results in 10 – 14 days. That was it. I went to Amazon to see if they had any better (and larger) instructions. From what I can gather from all the other same products on the market you soak your feet for 10 minutes and dry. Pull on booties for 90 minutes and rinse off. Soak your feet every day for ten minutes and pat dry. DO NOT PULL LOSE SKIN!

What doesn’t it tell you if once these buggers are on your feet you can’t get downstairs? I stood on landing trying to get to the top of stairs looking like Torvil and Dean crossed with Bambi. So lesson learnt. You are stuck upstairs for 90 minutes. Make sure you take a drink, your ciggies, magazine, phone and any children under the age of self – responsibility. So there we all were stranded at the top of the stairs like the Von Traps. Me and all the kids. And next doors kids who came for tea.


Days 1, 2, 3 & 4

NOTHING! Bloody waste of money. Glad I didn’t buy the real ones at 18 quid a pop now. Money well saved.








oh oh we have lift off…..literally skin lifting off!










I feel like I have leprosy. It says on the other sites do not pick off the dead and flaking skin.





No, I can’t cope with flappy bits hanging off my feet. I’m shedding like a king cobra all over the house. Kids wash ya hands and have a pull!





Well, I’m impressed. Dead impressed in fact. Money well spent. Just a few hard dead hard cement hard skin that’s not moved. The kids can have another pick tonight after tea if they are good.



I think I’m on the home run now. Only a few bits left. I will have to find a new hobby for the kids.

I will be purchasing again I think. No idea how long this silky smooth baby bum skin will last.

I will let you know!

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  1. Looking good Baby Bel. I think I will have a try, your results look fantastic.

    I so need something like this for my feet as it’s sandal season and hate wearing them when my feet look a state.

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