Washing Potatoes – the old fashioned way? I’m on Holiday!

Happy Holiday Friday everyone!

Today is the last day of the first part of my holiday which has been spent hanging with DIY Debbie.  We really have had a good time this week just being able to hang out together and catch up on life.  We did do a thrift store shopping for some of her DIY projects and I found some great hardcover books and even a t-shirt 🙂  Yesterday we went to the casino and I planned on losing a couple hundred but after about 4 hours or so, I had only lost 40 🙂  Good days in my books!!! Today we MIGHT get to the beach for the afternoon and then it will be pack up and head out in the morning for the 2nd part of my trip.

I was going through some emails this morning and one of the girls on my team sent me this little blurb that I simply had to share with all of you as it put a smile on my face:

IN THE KITCHEN – submitted by Garbo

There are so many different things to go right or very wrong in the kitchen, one of my oldest friends was just starting out with cooking and this is going ways back to when I was a just a kid (if any of you can believe I ever was one).  She was going to make mashed potatoes and the recipe told her to wash the potatoes, now we all know that washing means to clean – but to what extent do you clean potatoes – well my friend actually took a scrub brush and put the potatoes in water with dish soap to wash the potatoes clean.  When she told me the story I just could not help myself from hysterically laughing. 

Well, that truly started my morning off right.  I am off to clean up my inbox and get ready for another day at the beach with DIY Debbie.  Have a great day everyone

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