Watermelon way of life!

Morning Divas,

Sorry i have  been lax with my updating, it’s been a little crazy around here lately!!! All the getting back to school shopping and sad thoughts of having to go back home after Labor Day. Crazy busy with my painting of furniture, people really dig beach furniture, that’s what i do mostly! Of course my job keeps me busy too!!

So anyway, I wanted to tell you how my new eating habits are coming, notice how i do NOT call it a diet LOL. I have substituted at least one or 2 meals a day with watermelon, tons of berries and other fruits and vegetables. And the one meal i do eat has good protein and fiber. It has been working very well. I am down 15 pounds now this summer!!! I wish i could exercise more, since that would have probably doubled my weight loss, but with my foot probs (bone spurs) it’s almost impossible for me to be on my feet for too long. Stupidly i have not being doing my laps at the pool, as my schedule has not warranted time off LOL.

Ok i started this post hours ago, i guess i am too busy to write on LOL! Have a great weekend Divas!!!


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