Weekend Wedding

Thank God it’s Monday!  Who says that?  Me.  Only today though 🙂   We had a very long weekend starting with a 10 hour drive north on  Friday and ending with a 10 hour drive south on Sunday BUT, the day in between, Saturday, was awesome.  Our son got married!!  

I was very impressed with their ceremony and their reception.  The venue was a beautiful park on a river with a dam in the background and the park had an old mill house on it.  It truly was a beautiful setting.  My husband and I arrived around 8am to set up all the tables for the reception.  Justin and Shyanne are very laid back people and they seriously just wanted to have a celebration with friends and family.  No fussing about.  We set the tables with dinnerware, flowers, some party favors, some apple pie(adults only) and some misc decorations and honestly, they looked pretty good 🙂

We were quite pleased.  They were married next to a beautiful gazebo.  Their ceremony was very true to them celebrating gods and goddesses and the joining of 2 kindred spirits.  Their hands were tied throughout the ceremony and they even drank from a Viking drinking horn.  It was really pretty great!  Shyanne looked amazing in her gown with a red laced back and black belt.  The wedding party wore black and red and they looked beautiful.  The guys wore plaid shirts with dark bottoms, boots or sneakers and SUSPENDERS!!  I loved it.

The reception was truly just a celebration of their commitment with a lot of eating and drinking.  They did do the typical cake cutting and the garter and bouquet toss however, there was a twist on both of these.  My son had to dance for the bridal party before they would give consent for him to remove the garter and when he did, he pulled out, “A BRA”.  My husband had done the same thing to me and my son asked if he could repeat the tradition and of course my husband said yes.  It was totally hilarious but NOT as hilarious as our son dancing “Magic Mike” style.  My son’s grandmother turns to me and says, “He is in the wrong profession and could be a stripper”   I think it was his grandmother that said that.  Heck if I remember 🙂   Anyhow, enjoy some of the pictures I wanted to share from my phone and when we get the professional pictures, I will share with you.

I am truly blessed!!

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