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There are a lot of things “medical experts” like to tell women they shouldn’t do while on their period.

Some women still believe they shouldn’t go camping for fear the scent will attract bears. But good to know, the experts at Yellowstone Park have cleared any of those fears unless you’re tossing used tampons around polar bears, that is, though I doubt that’s anyone’s idea of a good time. But whatever floats ya boat.

Still, there are quite a few surprising things most gynaecologists would like every woman to know. For instance, I had no idea my favourite salty craving could actually be making my cramps worse!


According to Dr Julia A. White at Cycle, that yearning for food with a high salt content can actually make your cramps worse with fluid retention and bloating.

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphin’s make you happy. This can help prevent bad mood swings that often come with our monthly visitor. Plus, stretching out your muscles can also ease cramping.

The myth that a woman can’t get pregnant while on her period. As it turns out many find themselves unexpectedly expecting after getting frisky without a condom or birth control. Your cervix is dilated and the blood can make it easier for viruses to enter your system. So it’s always better to “wear a raincoat.”

According to Women’s Health magazine, with the proper protection to help keep everyone healthy (and make cleaning up easier), period sex can actually be beneficial. The blood acts as a natural lubricant and the release can help ease your menstrual cramps

The drop in estrogen during your time of the month makes your body much more sensitive to pain. You should wait until it’s passed to make any trips to the dentist or tattooist

Naturopathic doctor Lara Briden claims it’s not hormones in dairy that can intensify your period pain, but a protein called A1 casein. According to Lara, this can attach to your intestines and cause inflammation. Which in turn causes things like heavy flows, excessive acne, and even endometriosis.

You might think adding extra cups of java to your daily intake would help combat the sluggish feeling of exhaustion we deal with during our periods. Unfortunately, it can actually make matters even worse with extra mood swings, digestion issues, and high blood pressure, according to Monthly Gift.

WebMD cites reports from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that found women who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, especially during their time of the month, are more likely to experience severe pre-menstrual symptoms. They’re also twice as likely to have worse cramps for longer amounts of time.


Although toxic shock syndrome is relatively rare. You should never wear the same tampon for more than a few hours at a time.  Even if the box claims to be effective for longer. It’s better to freshen up with a new one to keep bacteria at bay. The same goes for pads even though they aren’t inserted, they can still gather germs if worn for too long


According to the Women’s Health section of the US Department of Health and Human Services, one in five women between the ages of 15 and 44 still douche on a regular basis in the USA. Luckily not the UK practise it seems. However, most US doctors recommend avoiding this cleansing process as it can cause several health problems.  increased infections, vulnerability to STDs, and even difficulty in becoming pregnant.







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