What Colour Is It?

The dress is back again! Only this time its a cute little Nike outfit. So the debate is Teal and Grey (or aqua and grey) or pink and white…….

Sorry folks I don’t see how you can see pink and white at all. The dress i could see the different variations of colours. This outfit…not so much. Pink and white is so opposite of teal and grey that it makes no sense how there is any debate here. So let me here it TRUTHFUL what colours do you see?

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11 Comments on “What Colour Is It?”

  1. Honestly I think the girl was just looking for attention when she posted “how can anyone see anything but pink and white”. There is no way anyone see’s this as pink and white. It is aqua blue and grey.

  2. If I look at the smaller image over on the right and it does look pink to me lol.
    But the big picture still looks blue.
    This is some kinda witch craft!

  3. A few of my friends can see pink and white!!! I don’t know how… I didn’t even give them a choice of pink/white or green/grey, I just said what colours can you see… Most said grey and green, but a few said pink and white. Beats the hell out of me!

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