When To Wash

How often do you wash your hair? How often should you wash your hair? If you are lucky, much like myself, to have thick not greasy hair then you get the luxury of not having to wash your hair every day. I can go 3-4 days if I really wanted to push it. Some people have to wash their hair every day, some can do it once a week. That brings us to the question, how often should you wash your hair? After doing extensive research from fashion blogs to medical blogs the results are in. Whatever works for you. That’s right, there is no right or wrong answer here. You do NOT have to wash your hair daily. However you should wash it at least once a week to keep from yeast buildup on the scalp.

The finer your hair the more oily it tends to be. If you find you can see and feel a greasy, oily sheen at the end of the day than you should be washing daily. Shampoo washes away dirt and sweat but it also strips away the natural oils. If you are blessed with medium to thick hair than you tend to be able to go much longer without needing to wash. Washing your hair excessively can cause more damage. Best bet to go by, if your scalp is excessively oily, if you sweat a lot, if its high humidity and you need to tame your hair, or if your scalp is itching, then wash. If you feel you can get your hair back in order with just a wet and conditioner or a dry-shampoo than go for it. Never go more than 14 days without washing your hair. You know your hair better than anyone else, so you wash when YOU want or feel the need.


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