Who’s Going??? No One Knows

Four housemates will face a double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

However, despite just hours to go before the live show we still don’t know they’ll be with two potential groups of four up for the axe.

Earlier this week, Big Brother gathered the group to begin a murder mystery task. “Housemates there has been a murder and the victim is none other than the infamously famous celebrity agent Stella Star”.

Sarah Harding and Sam Thompson have been voted for by the public to take part in the new twist where they stand to gain immunity but also risk eviction.

Paul and Brandi.Paul Danan and Brandi Glanville will have to uncover the killers and their success or not will determine the nominations. As part of the task, Murderers Sarah and Sam have made four killer nominations, putting Brandi, Helen, Derek and Paul up for the axe.

If Paul and Brandi incorrectly identify the killers, then Sarah and Sam’s four killer nominees – Paul, Brandi, Helen and Derek – will face the axe tonight.

But if they correctly finger Sarah and Sam as the culprits then Sarah and Sam face eviction, alongside two others chosen by Paul and Brandi.

The outcome of the task will only be revealed live in tonight’s show.

Host Emma Willis will open a super-fast ‘flash vote’ for viewers to save their favourites of the four nominated housemates.

The two housemates with the fewest votes once lines close will be kicked out of the house tonight.


Helen and Brandi have both been nominated for eviction. Brandi believes Sandi is the killer and chose to nominate her, telling Helen that Sandi also dislikes her. Helen agreed, admitting she’s confused but sure that Sandi is not so keen on her.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sandi Bogle rages at Brandi Glanville as they come to blows in an explosive clipBrandi said to Helen “Sandi just doesn’t like you, I dunno why. She doesn’t like me I dunno why.” Helen responded “Unfortunately for Sandi she doesn’t like…I mean I get on with her…The differentness to things… anyway, the only thing I can do is my best, I can’t do anything else. The older people kind of just get in the way, I’m thinking in their own heads they do, that’s what they would think. Not factually.”

Brandi insisted this was not the case and that they were just as much a part of the house.

She then told Helen her suspicions, revealing: “It’s someone who doesn’t like you and there’s only one person who doesn’t and that’s Sandi.” Helen added: “Who’d have thought it? I’m so surprised and saddened by it.”

So, Helen is surprised and saddened by it, I’m just bloody confused by it all.

Who Goes? You decide?

Catch up on Monday, I’m going away for the weekend. I need the break, this has just screwed with my mind.

Source: Channel 5

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