Work Experience kid is not a Twit!


Do you remember doing work experience in secondary school? For a lot of us, it is our first real taste of being a grownup.  It can be an exciting, eye-opening but a very scary experience.

A 15-year-old school kid called Eddie was thrown into the deep end during his work experience this week when he was put in charge of Southern Rail’s Twitter account. Instead of the usual irate twitter comments Southern Rail experience Eddie gained a tweeter fan club and became a tweet legend.

His first tweet received over 6 thousand likes and 2 thousand re tweets.

Instead of the usual passengers ranting about delayed trains and issues the rail users embraced Eddie and showed a warmth to the teenager.

The questions kept coming, and Eddie kept answering them!

Plenty of followers gave young Eddie praise for how he handled the company’s twitter account.

Southern Rail has made an official statement since Eddie took their office by storm. “We are pleased to have given Eddie an insight into working life in our social media team and are thrilled to see that he won over so many of our customers yesterday. We have been very impressed at his quick-wit and positive approach at the age of just 15. Eddie’s takeover was embraced by Twitter, with the #AskEddie hashtag quickly adopted.”

Nice one Eddie! I don’t think you are going to have any issues when you do finally step out into the grown up world.

Source: Twitter/Southern Rail UK

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