Work Out Your Summer Work Out

Yes it’s summer, its hot, and no I don’t have the energy to work out……Well stop using the heat as an excuse by using these tips from

  1. Adjust your body temperature: Hop into a cold shower before you work out to lower your core body temp.
  2. Check the map: Find shady routes when running and keep an eye on fitness comfort index to figure out when to workout.
  3. Keep tabs on your ticker: The hotter it is, the harder your body has to work so slow down and don’t over work yourself. If you can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance without taking a breath every 3-6 words than you are working too hard.
  4. Ge the dirt: Asphalt and concrete radiate heat so stick to dirt or gravel path. Take advantage of the breeze. Start with it on your back so when you are coming back you’re running into the breeze helping cool you.
  5. Cool down with essential oils: Dab a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck and temples which has a cooling effect and opens your nasal passages helping you breath in the humidity.

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