World War 3 or Josh War 3

Well Josh is at it again. Paul told Josh a few times this week to start stirring up things with Kevin. Josh kept saying now. After todays veto ceremony (not going to give spoilers here) Josh was sitting with Christmas and again a comment was made about Josh should stir it up with Kevin. Later up in the HOH room Paul told Josh to get in a fight with Kevin. Needless to say since feeds came on after the veto ceremony today the house has been at each others throats anyhow.

Well Christmas starts in on Kevin about why would you ask if I was going in the pool so then Josh of course has to get into it as well. As they keep going it gets more and more escalated to the point of trying to throw Kevin under the bus for being a liar even trying to get Kevin to admit he has the 25K. Josh knows he has it but has been sworn to secrecy on it so why Josh would stoop that low it just shows he was looking for a fight. Kevin comes back at him like maybe you have it. Kevin keeps telling Josh to stop to stfu he doesn’t want to talk with him, ect. Gave him plenty of warnings to stop. Then Josh keeps pushing to the point he says swear on your kids. Kevin gets extremely upset with this and gets in his face and then feeds cut to the fish.

Feeds went down at about 223 and have been down since (it its now 323. The feeds have even switched off the fish and on to the pets saying that the show is filming something great (which we all know is NOT the case). At one point the feeds did pop back up and we can see everyone is in the kitchen Paul is even laughing about something. The only one missing is JOSH. I will update more when feeds come back for good if we can figure anything out.

Feeds back up at 326 and we have Jason and Alex sitting with Josh and Kevin talking with Christmas. Everyone is still trying to back stab everyone but it seems for now the FIGHTING is done. I will update if anything more happens.

Hug it out boys. Lets see if this is the end of it for real.


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