Kim Kardashian Shows Off 24 Inch Waist On ‘ELLE’ Cover

Kim Kardashian Shows Off 24 Inch Waist On ‘ELLE’ Cover — Copy Her Exact Ab Exercises

Kim is super proud of her smallest waist ever — just 24 inches around — and now she is showing it off on the cover of ‘ELLE’s April issue. Find out how she got so fit with 4 easy moves below!

Kim Kardashian, 37, looks fit and fabulous on the April issue of Elle magazine, which was released on March 13. She’s showing off her super tiny waist on the cover, and she’s worked hard for that post-baby body! She works out 6 days a week (at 6am!) with trainer Melissa Alcantara. They change up their workouts, but Kim recently reveled on her website how she got those flat abs: “It’s so important to work out your core! My trainer Melissa and I have been doing really intense ab workouts — and even though they’re SO hard, I love the end result. Below, Melissa shares her steps for a toned and tight stomach.”

Melissa revealed Kim’s routine on “When it comes to working out, Kim is strong AF. At first, we just did planks in our sessions, but we’ve moved on to harder core exercises, like kneeling top crunches and leg lifts. I recommend doing ab workouts twice per week to get the best results. They can also be added to the end of another workout (like our butt one!) for a more full-body session. Here are the four ab workouts we’ve been doing.”

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