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EastEnders Weekly Update

Kathy’s shocked when Ian unexpectedly returns from his visit to see Peter in New Zealand. She hasn’t had the chance to tell him about Masood selling his own samosas at the chippy. Kathy quickly finds Masood to warn him about Ian’s return. But before they can come up with a plan to hoodwink Ian, he finds out about the samosas from Kim and he storms over to have it out with them! Masood stands up to an angry Ian and quits over Ian’s attitude.

Keegan’s dad Mitch mysteriously arrives in the Square and sets about trying to track down Karen. It’s Keanu’s first day at the Arches and he’s thrown when Mitch makes a sudden appearance, asking for his car to be fixed.

Suspicious about why Mitch has turned up, he tries to get rid of him and refuses to tell Mitch where Karen and Keegan are living. Keanu agrees to fix Mitch’s car but forgets to take payment for it. Keanu is horrified when Mitch turns up at the Taylor house to pay for the work and Keanu ends up punching him! Hearing the commotion, Karen and Keegan come out and are stunned to find Mitch.
Also, Ted challenges Bernie to play a game of chess with Patrick as an opponent but Patrick has other things on his mind – a woman from Trinidad that he’s been talking to online.


Coronation Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

With no sign of Billy, Eva, Phelan, Eileen and Summer are getting desperate unaware that he is watching them all through their back window. Peter is installing a new CCTV camera and on his laptop spots Billy heading towards Eileen’s backyard. Peter follows him and is shocked to see him stealing cash from a tea caddy.

Gemma and Tyrone regret their night together and agree it was a mistake. But with Rita having spotted Gemma coming out of No.9 it seems the cat may be out of the bag. Can Gemma get Rita to agree to keep quiet? Meanwhile having spoken to Roy about the situation with Ruby, Fiz goes to have a chat with Tyrone and says she would like to come back home. But when she takes the bedding out of the washing machine she discovers a condom wrapper.

David is gutted when Josh insists he gets medical advice before he will let him fight. At the medical centre, Ali advises that his epilepsy rules him out of the boxing match.

Audrey is stunned when a client turns out to be a clairvoyant who tells her she’s been communicating with her dead husband Alf. Jude prepares for his job interview to be an assistant marine biologist at the aquarium.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Gabby dreams up a new way to prank Daz and ropes in Liv to help her. The plan is to steal ketamine from Vanessa’s work bag and spike Bernice’s boyfriend’s drink with it! Liv’s reluctant – but Gabby’s all for it.

With Rebecca’s mental health so severely imbalanced, Robert urges her to see a doctor. The prognosis isn’t good prompting the new mum to worry about the wellbeing of her baby son Seb.
Pollard rings the changes asking Faith to move in with him, and offering Tracy a job at the B&B


Hollyoaks Weekly Update

Buster returns to Chester, after being away for his football academy. But his sudden arrival takes Marnie and Ellie by surprise and Marnie’s in a spin as she tries to cover the police tag she’s recently been ordered to wear.

Later on, Buster asks Marnie out on a date but when she agrees, the flustered mum ends up breaking the conditions of her tag rules!

Are the police about to show up and bring the date to an abrupt halt?

Elsewhere Sienna returns home and finds an intruder in her home. Terrified, she raises the alarm, but has she cried wolf too many times for anyone to take her seriously?

Plus Kyle starts to implement Sami’s scheme to win James round and make him fall for him. Will his game plan work?

Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Ash is beside himself with grief as he stares at the bodies of Kat and his unborn child. Meanwhile, an injured Robbo calls the hospital and is devastated to learn that Kat has died. Tori and Justin take Ash home and promise to look after him. The next day, Ash goes missing, but Justin tracks him down at the beach and Ash furiously blames Robbo for Kat’s death. Justin takes Ash home and he tells Tori to give Ash the address Robbo gave to her, so Ash can get some closure. Tori refuses, as she fears Ash will do something reckless. So Justin takes matters into his own hands…

As Summer Bay comes to terms with Kat’s death, Ben starts to panic as he can’t find Maggie. Coco helps with the search but grows increasingly anxious as they can’t find her. Eventually, they find Maggie collapsed underneath the pier. She’s rushed to the hospital, where Tori conducts some tests. When Maggie wakes up, her family is by her side – but will her test results give her the all-clear?


Neighbours Weekly Update

Karl is going to extreme lengths to make sure he throws Susan the perfect surprise party but Susan knows about the party but is happy to play along. Eager to make sure her party goes smoothly, Susan invites Izzy to the celebrations and makes it clear she doesn’t want any trouble.

As things get underway at Susan’s party, Karl is upset to find out that Susan invited Izzy, as he now knows Susan knew about the party the entire time. However, Karl has bigger problems as a worried Clive informs Karl his sperm sample is missing. Karl immediately confronts Izzy with Susan by his side – but will Izzy tell the truth?
As baby Gabe is rescued from the lake, a remorseful Mark attempts to apologise to Paige and Jack, but they aren’t interested and rush Gabe to hospital. Toadie tries to console Mark, but he quickly sees how hurt Mark really is and encourages him to be honest with Paige. Will Paige and Jack finally realise how much pain they have caused Mark and Steph?

Also, Rafael is becoming obsessed with his mission to make Paul pay for his mother’s death. However, as he continues to dig for information, he keeps coming up empty-handed. However, when he bonds with Sue over their mutual disdain for Paul, could she help Rafael bring Paul down?

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