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A sneak peek at some of the US TV soap action that will take place on during the week of March 12th. 

The Bold and the Beautiful


  • Sheila stuns and thrills Ridge with information about her previous misdeeds
  • Wyatt and Justin’s discussion about Bill becomes heated and replete with accusations
  • Detectives Baker and Sanchez compile their list of suspects in Bill’s incident
  • Thomas returns to Los Angeles, reeling from Caroline’s betrayal
  • Thomas asks Sally for forgiveness for believing Bill’s lie
  • Hope tells Liam that Bill proposed to Steffy
  • Steffy and Hope are amazed as Liam wrangles with his life choices
  • A mysterious woman arrives and winds up a suspect because she has a serious score to settle
  • Hope and Steffy’s concern for Liam continues to make their bond stronger

Days of our Lives


  • As Victor and Maggie make amends with one another, things fall horrifically apart for Brady and Eve…
  • Brady and Eve’s would-be wedding won’t be happening, but a bride isn’t the only thing Brady will be losing
  • A fired-up Eve fires Brady from Titan, but he’s not going down without a fight, as he still wants to be with her
  • The events around the would-be wedding leave Brady blindsided; still, Eve isn’t above listening to his demands
  • Ciara hits Claire below the belt when she blindsides her former bestie in an act of revenge for Claire exposing’s Rafe’s secret at the wedding
  • Tripp doesn’t have blinders on when it comes to Ciara, and he’s very upset by her actions against Claire
  • Still, Ciara and Tripp find their connection deepening, which eventually leads to a kiss between them
  • Also kissing are Will and Paul, but Sonny spots them and has a serious problem with them puckering up
  • Gabi and Lani may have a way to go before they can kiss and make up, as Gabi lashes out at Lani about her one-night stand with Eli
  • Eli gets an earful from Valerie about the baby, but Eli also gives Julie an earful to think about as he warns his grandmother to back down
  • Valerie’s attitude toward Lani and J.J.’s upcoming wedding as well as the baby bothers J.J., and he finally confronts Valerie about it
  • Bothered by Abigail’s recent behavior, Kate lends Chad a supportive ear to bend as he laments his concerns
  • Abigail is also concerned about herself and informs Kayla about the headaches that have been bothering her
  • When “Gabigail” emerges around Kayla and Jennifer, Abigail’s alter must keep up the ruse that she’s really Abigail
  • Stefan and Vivian discuss Abigail’s condition and the growing number of alternate personalities she’s developing

General Hospital


  • Anna tracks down Valentin and demands answers
  • Anna shares her frustrations with Andre
  • Peter seeks out Griffin
  • Nina questions Peter’s interest in Maxie
  • Peter breathes a sigh of relief
  • Maxie and Nina have reason to smile
  • Franco makes an appeal to Drew
  • Drew makes an important decision
  • Everything Franco holds dear hangs in the balance
  • Drew is not happy with Franco
  • Sam confides to Alexis
  • Sonny appreciates Carly’s support
  • Michael shares his concerns with Carly
  • Spinelli makes a discovery
  • Kim and Julian lean on each other
  • Liz and Kim forge a friendship
  • David does the unexpected
  • Nelle bonds with her baby
  • Michael receives an offer
  • Finn reaches out to Alexis
  • Curtis is caught off guard
  • Ned is overwhelmed and lashes out
  • Dante and Lulu count their blessings

The Young and the Restless


  • Animosity between Abby and Victoria reaches new levels
  • Victor is furious that Victoria has questioned his judgment
  • Victoria’s plan to get rid of Ashley backfires
  • Victoria stands her ground with Victor that firing Ashley was best for Newman
  • Victor intervenes in a volatile situation
  • Hilary pressures Devon to accept her offer
  • Devon makes a decision about fathering Hilary’s baby
  • Lily conspires against Hilary
  • The tension between Victor and J.T. spirals
  • Ashley fights back
  • Nikki is caught with her hand in the cookie jar

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